Margaret Schwarz

Margaret Schwarz

With a strong background in personal training and athletics, Margaret Schwarz brings you smart, down-to-earth, and accessible yoga flows and stretch classes.

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Margaret Schwarz
  • Yoga Stretch with Margaret Schwarz (45 mins)

    Join NYC-based yoga teacher, athlete, and expert trainer Margaret Schwarz for a grounding, accessible 45-minute Yoga Stretch session. Experience level: open. Props: blocks (optional) or household objects to improvise as blocks.

  • Yoga with Margaret Schwarz (55min)

    Join NYC-based yoga teacher, trainer, and athlete Margaret Schwarz for this 55-minute well-rounded vinyasa flow. Experience level: open. Props: blocks (optional; can be improvised with household objects).

  • Sunrise Salutations with Margaret Schwarz (45 mins)

    Get your day started right with NYC- and Hamptons-based Margaret Schwarz in this energizing and grounding Sunrise Salutations flow.

  • Yoga Basics with Margaret Schwarz (45 mins)

    New to yoga? Want to review the fundamentals? Join NYC-based instructor Margaret Schwarz for this 45-minute Yoga Basics class. Experience level: beginner/open. Props (optional): blocks or substitute blocks.

  • Stretch with Margaret Schwarz (45 mins)

    Join NYC-based yoga teacher and athletic coach Margaret Schwarz for this gentle, 45-minute stretch. Props (optional): a yoga strap (or a belt, or a towel), and water.