Elizabeth Vino

Elizabeth Vino

Join Florida-based master instructor Elizabeth Vino for challenging, fun, and playful Barre classes.

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Elizabeth Vino
  • Slick Barre with Elizabeth Vino (40 mins)

    Grab your sliders (or anything that can slide on your floor) and join master Barre teacher Elizabeth Vino for this challenging and fun 40-minute Barre practice.

  • Pony Up to the Barre with Elizabeth Vino (45 mins)

    Pony up to this graceful and challenging Barre class with Elizabeth Vino. You'll need a yoga mat, a hard surface to hold onto (like a kitchen counter), a set of light weights (no less than 3 lbs, no more than 8 lbs), and a yoga strap or a long belt or towel.

  • True Barre with Elizabeth Vino (60 mins)

    Join Florida-based master Barre instructor Elizabeth Vino for a dynamic and challenging Barre session. This 60-minute class can be done as a whole, or broken down into two 30-minute sessions. You'll need a sturdy surface such as a kitchen counter, along with optional props including a playground ...