Dennis Hunter

Dennis Hunter

Guided meditations, mindfulness classes, sound relaxation sessions, and inspirational/dharma talks with Miami-based instructor Dennis Hunter.

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Dennis Hunter
  • Sound Relaxation with Hunter (15 mins)

    Set aside your cares and enjoy this 15-minute sound relaxation session with Dennis Hunter, playing crystal alchemy bowls. Props needed: none. (Headphones, blanket and pillows optional.)

  • Sound Relaxation with Dennis Hunter (30 mins)

    Grab your blanket and pillow and get comfortable for this 30-minute journey into deep relaxation, with the sound of crystal and crystal alchemy bowls. Props (optional): headphones.

  • Sound Relaxation with Hunter (30 mins)

    Join Miami-based meditation and dharma teacher Dennis Hunter for this 30-minute deep relaxation sound session using syncopated metallic percussion instruments. Lie on your back, grab a pair of headphones (optional) and relax.

  • Simple Meditation for Beginners with Dennis Hunter (15 mins)

    New to meditation? Wondering how to start? No problem. Join Miami-based meditation teacher Dennis Hunter for this down-to-earth, 15-minute introduction to a simple meditation technique you can practice anytime.